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Off-Campus J Term Programs 2015

Global. Life-changing. Experiential. Valuable. Deep. Applied. Essential. Phenomenal. Ground-breaking. Important.
Hartwick's January Term offers wonderful opportunities for students to travel, study, and live off campus. Hartwick students may select from a variety of destinations for their month-long off-campus experience. Programs will be in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, as well as North, Central, and South America.

First-Year-Friendly Programs
First-year students are encouraged to consider the following courses open to first-year student applicants. Apply online today! 

  • Anthropology 355 - South Africa: Changes and Challenges
  • Art/Geology 250 - Hungary: Geology in Art of Hungary
  • Art History 350 - England & France: Museums and Monuments of London and Paris
  • Economics 350 - Cuba in Flux
  • Economics/Political Science 350 - Arizona, USA: Sustainable Public Policies in Arizona
  • Education 255/391 - Cambodia: An Exploration of Education, Language and Culture
  • French 105 - France: Language Immersion in the Heart of France
  • German 290/490 - Austria: German Term in Vienna
  • Political Science 250 - Europe: European Union Politics
  • Psychology 250 - Hong Kong: Psychology and Culture
  • Sociology 250 - Netherlands: Comparative Criminal Justice
  • Theatre 205 - New York City, USA: Theatre in New York City

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the Program Director of that particular program or the Office of Global Education (located within the PSGE Center, Golisano Hall).

The Summer Off-Campus J Term application season is open.
You are welcome to apply online for an Off-Campus J Term program. Please keep in mind that some courses have filled. Programs Available for Waitlist Only and are listed below. If there is no other program for which you wish to apply, you may apply for a full program. If you are accepted, you'll be placed on the waiting list in case a spot opens.

For the summer application period, you will receive notices of your status in the course once fall semester begins.

Important Update for First-Year Applicants:

The online application is not working for some incoming First-Years. If this is the case for you, 1) please go to the forms section and download the Conditions Form and have the form signed by your parent/guardian. Then, bring it with you when you come to campus. If you're under 18, please have your medical form signed by a parent/guardian as well. 2) If you're serious about program participation, please contact the program director and notify them that you're interested and plan to participate.  3) In the fall, when you arrive on campus, you will be able to complete the application. Make sure your application is complete as soon as possible after school starts. If you're accepted into the program, you'll be asked to pay the deposit. 

Programs Available for Waitlist Only

  • Biology 240 - Island Biogeography
  • Biology 242 - Thailand: People, Animals and Plants of Thailand
  • Business Administration 250/350 - Romania: Past, Present, and Potential

Apply for a Program 
Before applying, please make sure to read about the application process and take a look at the  Important Dates, Information and Policies pageClick here to fill out your online application.

Scholarship Updates
The scholarship process for 2015 Off-Campus J Term programs has closed - please visit the scholarship page for more information.

Curious about what our students have done on past Off-Campus J Term courses? Visit HartwickExperience.com to read their stories.

For more information, contact us at the Global Education Office (The PSGE Center) 1st Floor Golisano Hall, 607-431-4079 or read Tweets by @yourpassage.