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$9 Million Goal

... will generate $450,000 in annual opportunities.

Providing access to a quality Hartwick education has always been a College priority. The need to deliver on this promise has become more acute as demand for a Hartwick education rises sharply and more students require more aid in order to afford this enriched experience.

Students are our priority and enhancing their experiences informs every decision.

In order for them to benefit from all that Hartwick offers, first they must be able to get here. The College currently provides more than $23 million in annual financial assistance, more than we invest in all forms of compensation.  Still, it is not enough; our students' financial need exceeds our current capacity to provide institutional aid. And so new endowed funds for scholarship support are a top priority in The Campaign for Hartwick Students. Strong, varied endowed accounts will increase the amount of aid Hartwick can grant each year by $450,000. Meeting this goal will create immediate, and lasting, benefits.

Carol Young Woodard '50, P'85, H'91 and her husband, Ralph

Hartwick College has long demonstrated remarkable skill in fostering student learning through knowledge and experience. We value the importance of Hartwick's well-rounded approach to education and feel that supporting these efforts is a winning investment in current and future generations. Of course, it's always satisfying to make an investment with a guaranteed return.

- Carol Young Woodard '50, P'85, H'91 and her husband, Ralph

Trustee Emeritus
Endowed the Jessie E. Jenks Scholarship and the Young/Woodard Scholarship funds
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