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$5 Million Goal

... will generate $200,000 a year for full or partial funding of international study experiences and $50,000 a year in faculty development funds.

No single program better expresses Hartwick's commitment to experiential learning than our off-campus January Term. J Term presents students with unparalleled opportunities to spend concentrated time living and learning around the world. Faculty-led, for-credit courses take students to Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, and South and Central America. They live with host families; study languages; put readings in context as they stand in the midst of history; do field work among endangered species; conduct health intervention programs; and study plants, water, and geology.

To make J Term what it can and should be a true hallmark of a Hartwick education the opportunity for at least one study abroad experience should be available to every Hartwick student. Many students are struggling to make it a part of their Hartwick experience, taking out additional student loans or working a second job to get abroad; they value J Term that much.

Often, Hartwick students who have the greatest need for this kind of transformative experience can least afford the cost of the journey. We are determined to change that through endowed funds for J Term scholarships.

Casey Mullaney '12

My experience at Hartwick College would not have been possible without the scholarships that I received. If I had the opportunity to thank the people who donated to those scholarships, I’d take them to my cabin at Pine Lake, make them a cup of Malian tea, show them my pictures, and just try to communicate what the past four years have meant to me because it’s been incredible and I am so happy I was able to be here.

- Casey Mullaney '12

Triple major in English, French and religious studies; now working for the Center for Community Alternatives, NYC
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