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Global. Life-changing. Experiential. Valuable. Deep. Applied. Essential. Phenomenal. Ground-breaking. Important.

That's J Term. That's Hartwick.

Rory Read '83, President and Chief Executive Officer, AMD
"My J Term journey--working an archaeological dig at Pigeon Creek on San Salvador Island in the Bahamas--represented not only my first trip outside the U.S., but in fact my first trip on an airplane. The experience fueled a lifelong passion for exploring the world.

During our dig, we uncovered many artifacts of the Arawak Indians. The most significant was a ceremonial jade hammer from Mexico. This was an important find because it helped prove the existence of previously unknown trade routes across Central American that included these tiny islands. I reflect on that hammer and its discovery often when I consider the challenges of global business--opening new markets, developing new ideas to expand our company, and finding new ways to operate when there is no proven path.

What J Term taught me--and what that hammer symbolizes--is the value of exploration, of expanding your horizons, of being actively curious about the works around you. The journey I began with J Term is still taking me to new places today."

Jen Kaye '11
I learned so much about the culture of South Africa and about its society and structure. From talking to South African blacks and whites (Afrikaners) I gained so much insight into the country and what citizens view South Africa's past, present, and future to be. It was so interesting to hear what South Africans thought about the World Cup, racism, government, corruption, poverty, AIDS, and their country's infrastructure. It was a dream come true to travel to this continent."

Karah Lajeunesse '10, Graduate program in Physical Therapy, Stony Brook University
"J Term in Thailand changed my direction. It showed me that I wanted to do physical therapy. Being with the people, helping them, let me see the difference I could make in someone's life. I worked with a visiting nurse practitioner. She helped me understand that the Akah do not rest, they always go back to the fields; I helped her do health presentations. We demonstrated, in a culturally sensitive way, simple ways to prevent injury. I was inspired."

Megan Hewitt '12
"A few of my favorite memories of our trip are traveling inside of the Cheops Pyramid (the biggest one) at Giza, taking a camel ride through the desert to a Nubian village, and the celebration of Egypt winning a soccer game. When Egypt wins a soccer game, everyone goes crazy. The streets become filled with vehicles packed full of people chanting, singing, flame throwing, flag waving, and horns honking. It definitely was unexpected and so much fun; I've been wishing I was there ever since."

Holly Quaglia '99
"Living in the middle of the rainforest. Surrounded by the sights, sounds, and aromas of this magnificent land. You couldn't experience that in a classroom. It was phenomenal. Living so simply, drinking in the world around me, allowed me the opportunity to get to know me. I learned who I had become. And in doing so I learned what I wanted something for my life other than being a researcher. And this is okay. I continue to pursue adventure every day."

Professor of German Wendell Frye, who will lead his 31st annual Vienna Program during J Term 2012. He estimates he has led more than 850 students through the Austrian capital.
"No matter where you go in life, you'll never forget the experience abroad. I've seen first-hand that it's life-changing."

Tyler Hall '13
"The Hawaiian Islands were constructed in the same way that I had witnessed with my own eyes, flow by flow, layer by layer. This fills my daily thoughts with ideas of just how much time it takes to construct the world so beautiful. I can say with confidence that as a result of Hartwick's J Term, I now live my life with a renewed view on just how vast the age of the Earth is; I no longer busy myself with the trivial worries of the smaller problems in life."

Jon Stein ‘11
"The Austria trip was a beautiful and exciting experience unlike anything else I have ever done before. Each walk, lesson, and adventure across the cities was so well put together that we never felt as if we missed out on anything. Between the beautiful scenery, delicious food, and attractive culture, there is certainly nowhere in the world like it. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is interested in seeing the world and excited about learning in a place unlike any other!"

Professor of Sociology Reid Golden, who has been leading J Term experiences in Ireland since 2000.
"An off-campus J Term experience is one of the most valuable opportunities Hartwick College offers to students in this increasingly connected and complex global environment.

"Ireland is seen as a 'safe' program by many students who have yet to have the opportunity to travel internationally. I recall one student who went to Ireland for exactly that reason. She ended up receiving scholarship money to pursue an independent study in social epidemiology in Ghana. What a change this one international exposure made for her. Other students have gone back to Ireland as interns. It doesn't seem that three and one-half weeks can change one's life, but I have seen it happen so many times that I firmly believe this chance to study in an area accompanied by the expertise of a professor well known to the students is an opportunity not to be missed."

Chelsea Donovan '11
"I feel more confident in myself now. I can go abroad, to new places--places unknown to me--and succeed."

Eryn Niblick '13
"Peru was the experience of a lifetime. I really learned a lot there. My oral communication in Spanish improved and I learned a lot of new vocabulary--but the best lessons were about life. I saw many things in Peru. We saw injustice and poverty. We saw people who were incredibly strong. We saw love. It is impossible for me to express everything that I learned in Peru. It is an adventure that I will never forget; my experiences will be with me always.

Professor of Anthropology Connie Anderson, who has been leading J Term experiences in South Africa since 1997.
"Being abroad helps you to appreciate your own circumstances; to be grateful and humble; to cherish your own family and communicate with them more. It helps you to think about what matters most to you, what you want, choose a career - and actually achieve it. You will develop social skills with other group members and with the people of the other culture; you will be able to interact successfully with members of other cultures. Study abroad will inspire you to learn more and more on your own throughout your life, and it will help you put meaning into your life."

Seth Lucas '10, Coordinator of Challenge Education & Pine Lake Residency
"Education that inspires you is the best kind. When I started to study abroad I realized that I can be learning anywhere. Even mundane interactions can be huge learning opportunities. Spending time with people, with families; that's what matters. This kind of travel helps to define ‘self' by interacting with people who are not like you, whose lives are not like yours."

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