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Accepted Student Information

Welcome to Hartwick! This is a College where you'll do more - getting out of the classroom and into the field - and in the process you'll be more than you ever thought you could. Hartwick is a close-knit community of scholars working to ensure that all students are supported and challenged in equal measure as they take part in on- and off-campus classes and activities designed to build knowledge, confidence, and courage. Hartwick gives you the experience that employers, grad schools, and the world at large know make you into a confident, successful alum. Read on to find more information on what makes Hartwick a uniquely exciting place.

Ready to join the class of 2019? Complete the enrollment confirmation form and you'll be one step closer to calling Hartwick your home. Then check out the links below to get involved!

Pay Your Deposit & Matriculate Pay Your Deposit
Paying your enrollment deposit is the first step toward a liberal arts education melded with experiential learning - in other words, Hartwick.
Visit Hartwick Stay Connected - Social Media
Follow Admissions on TwitterInstagram,and Facebook, then use the hashtag #GetHartwick to share with us and your future classmates!
Hartwick Financial Aid Financial Aid
Whatever your family's economic circumstances, Hartwick's Financial Aid Office is here to help. Have questions about filling out your FAFSA or what types of aid are available? We're here to help, so just ask!
Hartwick Social Media Your Campus Visit
The best way to know all about Hartwick is to visit. Join us for one of our many open house events, or dive a little deeper with our virtual tour for a virtual look around.
Hartwick Academics Our Majors & Minors and Three-Year Degree Program
You can get the full Hartwick experience in only three years and save as much as 25% in the process. Hartwick was one of the first schools to understand there's nothing magical about four years. We have tons of majors and minors, so you can check out what's available, and even change your mind!
Hartwick First Year First Year Experience & New Student Resources
Getting started in college can be challenging - that's why Hartwick's First Year Experience team is here. We make sure you get the most out of your transition, take advantage of all Hartwick offers, and get started on the road to success! Our Center for Student Success, Wick 101, Orientation, and Welcome Weekend teams are here to help.
Hartwick Student in China Study Abroad
Hartwick is consistently ranked among the national leaders in study abroad. That's because we know that spending time studying overseas changes lives. Hartwick's PSGE Center is the hub for all things international.
Hartwick Career Services Internships & Career Services
A critical part of the Hartwick experience is getting your hands dirty doing real work, so you know what it's like out there. Programs like MetroLink get you connected with the right internships right away.
Hartwick Crowd Athletics
Whether you're hustling on the field, pitch, or pool - or if you're a fan of top-notch competition - Hartwick Athletics is for you. With both Division I and Division III intercollegiate sports, there's always a game on campus.
Hartwick Student Activities Student Activities & HartLink
Hartwick's a busy place. With more than 70 clubs and organizations on campus, you'll never be left with nothing to do. HartLink is the online hub for student activities.
Hartwick Residential Life Residential Life
Curious about where you'll live as a Hartwick student? Residential Life ensures an exciting yet studious living environment for students. There are plenty of activities and plenty of down-time to make sure you ace your exams. Don't forget - our Pine Lake Environmental Campus is home to students every year too.
Hartwick Awakening Awakening
New Hartwick students have taken part in Awakening for generations. This six-day adventure-based orientation program is based on developing self reflection, developing personal courage and thinking critically.



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