Collection Development Policy

Stevens-German Library
Hartwick College

I. Purpose

This policy is intended to be used by librarians of Hartwick College as a guide to the development and management of the collection of the Stevens-German Library, and to provide all interested parties with a description of the library's collection development process.

II. Guiding Principles

A. The selection of information resources for ownership or contracted access by the Stevens-German Library must be conducted in accord with the library's Mission.

B. The best professional judgment of faculty members and librarians must be employed in selecting information resources with regard to quality, relevance to the library's Mission, and usability.

C. Ultimate responsibility for selection resides in the College Librarian, under the supervision of the Dean of Academic Affairs.

III. Procedures

A. At the beginning of the fiscal year, and again early in the fall semester, the library's Head of Acquisitions will notify the chairs of academic departments that requests for the purchase of monographs for the circulating collection are being accepted. Monographs requested for purchase will be selected by the faculty of each department in a manner determined by the department chair. After a date in the spring semester, set and publicized by the Head of Acquisitions when the announcements soliciting purchase requests are made, funds that remain for the purchase of monographs for the circulating collection may be used to purchase materials selected directly by librarians. Requests not fulfilled due to budgetary considerations may be reconsidered in the following year, in consultation with the chair of the department from which the request originated.

B. A portion of the library's funds will be allocated annually by the College Librarian to the Head of Reference for the purchase of monographs for the reference collection.

C. Because subscription resources require a recurring commitment of funds, they will be selected directly by librarians, with advice from the faculty. A form is provided for faculty suggestions for subscriptions resources. In addition to considerations of quality, relevance, and usability, selection of subscription resources will also be based on the likely ability of the library to need and sustain a subscription over the long term.

D. From time to time, the library's collection, or portions thereof, will be assessed and weeded to ensure the collection's adequacy relative to the library's Mission and Goals.

Adopted March 22, 2012
Paul Coleman
College Librarian