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Student Teaching


Admission to the College does not ensure good standing in the program of childhood, middle childhood, or adolescence education, nor does good standing in the education coursework ensure admission to student teaching. Students must maintain the required academic record and must apply for student teaching in accordance with the program guidelines through the Junior Review process. Successful candidates will be recommended to advance to the student teaching practicum.

Student teaching requirements include:
1. Completion of 150 hours of departmentally approved service learning or equivalent school internship;
2. Departmental approved Junior Review Portfolio;
3. Completion of foundational and pedagogical courses (no grade below a C);
4. A 3.0 GPA in both content major, education, and overall;
5. A 3.0 GPA in core foundation courses (EDUC 220, 304, and 320) and education program; and
6. A written endorsement from department chair of content area.

All students who intend to student teach must fill out an Intent to Student Teach Form by December 1 of the academic year prior to the academic year you intend to student teach.

Submitting an Intent Form does not guarentee student teaching. Education students must submit a Junior Review Portfolio in the first week of spring semster in the academic year prior to the academic year the student wishes to student teach. Department faculty will review portflios and make descions on student teaching eligibility by April 15th.

Intent To Student Teach Form

Students who have completed all requirements, submitted a Junior Portfolio for review, and received a favorable opinion on the Junior Review by Department of Education Faculty are eligible for Student Teaching.

Student seeking certification in:

Childhood Education (1-6) should enroll in EDUC 490 and EDUC 491 (12 credits)

Middle Childhood (5-9) should enroll in EDUC 491 (12 credits)

Adolescence Education (7-12) should enroll in EDUC 491 and EDUC 492 (12 credits)

All Student Teachers will also enroll in EDUC 480, Student Teaching Seminar (2 credits) during the student teaching semester.

Questions about student teaching should be directed to:

Jennifer Brislin, Coordinator of Student Teaching and Service Learning
314 Clark Hall