Concentration in Creative Writing

Thirteen of the required 14 courses are distributed the same as the English major, except that the electives include English 213, two 300-level creative writing courses, and English 411 or 412. The senior project is normally a manuscript in a single genre, written in January Term of the senior year.

 Courses include:

Two courses in literature before 1800.

At least three 300/400-level courses in creative writing must be part of a four-course creative writing concentration designed by the student and approved by the department no later than fall of the junior year. Introduction to Creative Writing (213) is prerequisite for taking the upper-level courses.

Seminar in Selected Topics (450)

Senior Project (490)—may be either in creative writing or in literature. Prerequisite for all senior projects: Level IV writing ability and one Approaches (A) course. Additional prerequisite for a creative writing senior project: a concentration in creative writing that includes at least one 400-level workshop, preferably in the genre chosen for the senior project.

One of the above 300/400 -level courses must be an Approaches (A) course.