Domestic, Off-Campus Study and Internship Programs

Students who wish to spend a semester away from campus have a number of opportunities to do so. For those who would like to have a global experience, the global education advisors can assist students in selecting a semester-long program that incorporates an internship.

For those students seeking first-hand experience living and working in an urban setting in the United States, Hartwick career advisors can assist students in selecting an off-campus program matching his or her academic, geographic and career interests.  The OAR and financial aid staff are available to guide students regarding taking a leave of absence and understanding financial aid during an off-campus study experience.

These are a few examples of urban study and internship programs around the U.S.


New York State Assembly Internship

New York State Senate Internship

*please note, students must apply through the Career Services office for these two internships.


Associated Colleges of the Midwest

Los Angeles

Boston University

New York City

New York Union Semester

New York Fashion Experience

Drew Semester on the United Nations

Georgetown University Semester in Washington

George Washington University Semester in Washington

The Washington Center