• Hartwick students working on a project in class.
  • Hartwick students studying rock formations
  • Hartwick students giving a presentation in front of the class.
  • Professor discussed Botany with a Student.


Executive Committee 2014-2015:
Walt Smith, chair
Darlene McCarthy, vice chair
Carrie Rosengren, secretary
Path Thorn, treasurer
Composed of chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer, the committee shall prepare the agenda for meetings; make decisions requiring immediate action when a quorum of representatives cannot be assembled; resolve conflicts of jurisdiction between committees.

Committee Membership:
Each standing committee will have a membership composed of staff members willing to serve. Ad Hoc committees shall be formed when deemed necessary by the HCSC. Members of the Hartwick College staff with an interest in serving should contact the chair of the committee.

Nominating & Elections Committee:
David Heyduk, Darlene McCarthy, Walt Smith
The nominations and elections committee seeks and conducts nominations and elections for HCSC positions including written notification of election procedures and deadlines; validates election results; determines and reviews representation of employee groups with the approval of the HCSC.

Professional Development Committee:
Kirsten Oehl, Jason Stanton, Darlene McCarthy: Chair
The professional development committee will promote and advocate staff professionalism and support opportunities for the leadership development of its members. A representative from the Office of Human Resources shall serve as an ex officio member.

Planning and Events Committee:
Shirley Georgia, Jennifer Brislin, Paul Habernig, Carrie Rosengren, Caroline Slingluff
The planning and events committee facilitates all internal and external events sponsored by the HCSC. Some of the events include coffee hours, ice cream socials, tailgate luncheon, and mardi gras luncheon.

Personnel Committee (Including Mentoring Program):
Pat Thorn, Caroline Slingluff, Shirely Georgia: Chair, Stephanie Brunetta, Kirsten Oehl
The personnel committee communicates job-related issues and concerns. A representative from the Office of Human Resources shall serve as an ex officio member.